MANZ Conference 2024 Speakers

22 February 2023 - MANZ

Keynote Speakers

Arapera Herewini-Card

Arapera Card is the Pouhere Kaupapa Māori | Senior Advisor Māori for Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand (ECNZ). Arapera who has over 30 years of experience in early childhood education, beginning in Te Kōhanga Reo with her own tamariki comes from a long line of chiefs through her Ngāpuhi and Tūhoe whakapapa.

Her cultural leadership ensures that Te Rito Maioha upholds its bicultural integrity and is responsive to the needs of Māori and Pacific students and employers.

Arapera takes pride in her ability to forefront the teachings handed down to her by her tūpuna among kaiako, tauira and tamariki to further grow knowledge and learning of the language, culture and identity of te iwi Māori.

MANZ Conference 2023 Speaker Arapera Card

Tasi Malu

Tasi is a leader, lawyer and advocate for children with a powerful message about Pasifika leadership, questioning everything and staying true to our calling.

Kavya Chandrasekhar

Kavya Chandrasekhar is AMI trained across the 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 age groups and she is an AMI 0-3 Auxillary Trainer. Kavya is the Executive Director at Montessori Institute of Bangalore, which offers AMI training at three levels namely Assistant to Infancy, Primary and Elementary. She is the Founder and Montessori Guide of The Montessori School (0-6 years) and Kriyasthala (6-18 years) with over 18 years of experience working with children and families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Currently, she dedicates her time to mentor the Youngest Children’s Community and the Children’s House Programme and also facilitates the Parent-Infant and Parent-Child sessions at The Montessori School. Kavya’s global experience helps her to constantly enrich the programme in numerous ways. She is invested in bringing authentic Montessori practice into the day to day running of the various programmes by building a cohesive unit of parents, team members and administration. Her vision is to work towards creating a team of educators deeply invested in the authentic implementation of the pedagogical ideas of child development from birth to 18 years of age. She is deeply committed to transforming education that supports and nurtures development of every child by reaching out to educators globally.

Sarah Werner Andrews

Sarah Werner Andrews, M.Ed, is the AMI 3-6 year Director of Training and Pedagogical Advisor at Montessori Northwest, in Portland Oregon. She holds degrees in Music Performance, Montessori Education, and is is AMI trained at the 3-6 and 6-12 levels.  Sarah has presented at workshops and conferences around the world, and was thrilled to be the editor of the book, The Montessori Approach to Music, commissioned by the Montessori-Pierson Publishing Co.

Jamie Rue

Jamie Rue is the Head of School at Aidan Montessori School, in Washington, DC. Prior to that, she founded Rising Tide Montessori, an online resource center, and Sea Lavender Montessori, a micro-school associated with Wildflower Schools. Her career in Montessori education is now in its third decade, and includes more than 10 years as a classroom teacher and school administrator and over 10 years as a trainer of teachers. She is an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) trainer, examiner, and consultant at the elementary level. She has coached teachers and advised administrators at schools around the world, and she has presented at conferences and for parents as well. She founded and also regularly participates in the podcast All Things Montessori. Born and raised on an island in the Pacific Northwest, Jamie now lives in Washington, DC. She loves to read, cook, and travel with her family in her spare time. Jamie and her husband, Jesse Tarbert, a historian of American politics, have two grown daughters who both attended Montessori schools.

Workshop Speakers

Krista Kerr

Krista’s journey with Montessori began in 2005 when she joined Wā Ora Montessori in Te Awakairangi (Lower Hutt) as a parent. Recognising the profound impact of Montessori not only for her children but also in her own life, she embarked on an adventure; moving with her family to London to pursued the AMI 3-6 Diploma and the Post Diploma Observation Course. She returned to Aotearoa in 2012, where she enthusiastically assumed her current role as a Head Teacher back at Wā Ora.

Beyond her mahi in the classroom, Krista actively contributes to Montessori through observation workshops, conference speaking, and enjoys being a member of the MANZ Council, deepening her commitment and passion to Montessori education in Aotearoa. Passionate about learning more about te ao Māori, Krista remains dedicated to fostering a holistic Montessori experience for both children and whānau.

Ingrid Peke

Ingrid has over two decades of experience in both Aotearoa and Australia and currently is a kaiako at Wā Ora Montessori School in Wellington. She has enjoyed a variety of teaching roles and this wealth of experience reflects a dedication to the growth and development of children in diverse settings providing a nurturing atmosphere where each child can thrive.

Angela Smith

Angela is a Curriculum Lead (Early Years) for Te Mahau | Ministry of Education, supporting early learning services in South & South West Tāmaki Makaurau to design rich learning experiences that engage learners, promote progress, and foster wellbeing.  Angela has a keen interest and passion for curriculum design enabling wellbeing through respectful, authentic, and intentional pedagogy explored through her experience in early years teaching and centre management.

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