Montessori Materials Buy, Sell or Swap

If you have Montessori materials or other equipment to sell, swap or give away you are welcome to advertise on this page.

Simply send a photo of the materials, a brief description, price, shipping and contact details. Interested buyers will be able to contact you directly. This is a free service offered by MANZ to buyers and sellers. All you need to do is to advise MANZ when the item is bought, sold or swapped, and we will remove it from the website.

If you are looking for equipment, you can post a ‘wanted’ notice on the same page.

Montessori Books

I have a number of Montessori books for sale. Can be brought individually or all together.

By Montessori
Child Education
The Child in the Family
Education for a New World
Nurturing the Spirit
The 1913 Rome Lectures: First International Training Course
The Discovery of the Child
The Formation of Man
The Child, Society and the World
Education for a New World

Educateurs sans Frontieres – Renilde Montessori

Montessori Writers
Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work – E M Standing
Introducing History and Geography to the Young Child – Tim Seldin
The Montessori Way: An education for Life – Tim Seldin & Paul Epstein
The Montessori Manuel of Cultural Subjects – Marjorie B Kocher
Montessori Read and Write: A parents’ guide to literacy for children – Lynne Lawrence
Montessori Learning in the 21st Century: A Guild for parents and teachers – M Shannon Helfrich
Montessori Today: Comprehensive Approach to Education from Birth to Adulthood – Paula Polk Lillard
Understanding Montessori: A guide for parents – Maren Schmidt
Montessori: A modern Approach – Paula Polk Lillard
Montessori Madness: A parent to parent argument for Montessori Education: Trevor Eissler
Montessori Homeschooling: One Family’s Story – Susan Mayclin Stephenson
A Parent’s Guide to the Montessori Classroom – Aline d Wolf
Learning Together: What Montessori can offer your family – Kathi Hughes
Montessori Assessment Playbook – National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector
The Normalized Child – Kathleen H Futrell
Montessori Play and Learn: A Parenting Guide to purposeful play from two and six – Ledley Britton
Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms – Eric M Nelson
Montessori Voices: Guided by Nature – NAMTA


Contact person: Cathy
Phone: 0274485525

Wooden Trays and Montessori Materials

I have a variety of other Montessori equipment and resources for sale.
Wooden trays for sale in different sizes: small, medium and large, priced from $10 – $25 depending on size required.
Please email me for further information and details.
All inquiries are welcome.

Contact person: Elena
Phone: 0220341497

Montessori Children’s House 3-6 AMI

We have a full range of brand new Montessori materials ( by Nienhuis & Gonzagareddi ) for the 3-6 age group available in NZ.
In addition, there are a complimentary set of new wooden classroom furniture, tables, chairs and shelving; plus a collection of new and used essential resources available.
Are you interested in establishing a Montessori Children’s House (AMI ) for 3-6 year olds ?

We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone interested in providing this service in Whangarei. It’s a unique opportunity as at present there is no provision at all in this city or its surrounds.

Please contact:

Contact person: Sue Schwander
Phone: (09) 407 9628

Brown Stairs Fund Raiser

We’ve got a set of brown stairs that’s been lovingly made by a parent as a fund raiser for Titoki. Made of macrocarpa wood and only needs a coat of linseed oil or varnish if desired. We’re selling it for $150 excluding delivery costs if any centre is keen.

Contact person: Tracie Phua

Looking for the following items

We are looking for the following Neinhaus materials;
– 1 x Golden Bead 100 square (in the transparent gold glass beads)
– 1 x Golden Bead 1000 cube (in the transparent gold glass beads)
– Printed arrows: the bead material complete set
– Addition Working Charts
– Subtraction Working Charts
Please email if you have any of these avilable to sell.

Contact person: Rachel

Selection of Materials for Sale

Purchased in the UK from Absorbent Minds Montessori. They are good quality and have had very little use

– Fraction Box – $120.00 (Containing labelled (plastic) circles divided into segments to show fractions from 1 whole to 10 tenths. Stored in a divided wooden box)
– Small Fraction Skittles – $45.00
– Geometric Sticks – $400 A series of color-coded woodensticks, plastic curves, a plastic measuring angle, a plumb line, tacks and brad fasteners, all stored in a compartmentalized wooden box with lid.
– Geometric Board – $50 This has two sides. One side is a wooden tray demonstrating fractions and degrees around a circle and a variety of differently coloured insets to match each fractional size. The other side is a pegged board on which the child can construct geometric shapes using rubber bands. This set includes wooden fraction segments in halves, thirds, quarters, sixths and eighths that can be placed within the circle to create a whole, or to see how many degrees are in one third or three quarters, etc.
Introduction to Decimal System – $80.00
– 9 Wooden 1000 cubes – $75
– 50 wooden 100 squares – $90
– Tens Beads – $45
– Short Bead Chains (nylon individual) – $45
– Golden Bead Chain of 100 (nylon individual beads) – $10
– Addition Snake Game – $25 (no boxes)
– Divided wooden box (with lid) x 2 – $15 each
– Wooden bowl for unit beads – $5
– Stand for unit beads – $5
– Bag of 36 unit beads (plastic) – $5
– Box for small number cards – $25 (including home printed numbers on card)
– Multiplication Board – $100
– Stamp Game – $120
– Square Root Board – $90
– Dot Exercise – $30
– Decimal Fraction Box – $150
– Spare skittles for stamp game – $20
– Grammar Solids (wooden) – $150
– Grammar Symbols (wooden)in wooden box – $80
– Reading Analysis 1st chart – $40 Including box and stencil
– Small moveable alphabet (green) – $150 Laser cut. Print
– Small moveable alphabet (blue) – $150 Laser cut. Print
– Small moveable alphabet (red) – $150 Laser cut. Print
– Trinomial Cube $150
– Binomial Cube – $75
– Parts of the Seed wooden puzzle – $25
– Box for Insets of Design paper (including paper) – $40
– Clock stamp – $10
– Wooden Teaching Clock – $20
– Spare wooden boxes – $10 each Approx 10cm x 10cm square (no lids)

– Teaching Montessori In the Home: The Pre-School Years, Elizabeth G Hainstock – $10
– Teaching Montessori In the Home: The School Years, Elizabeth G Hainstock – $10
– The Montessori Elementary Material, Maria Montessori – $15

Contact person: Anna Renton-Green

Wanted to Buy

Fractions Cabinet – not the materials.

Contact person: Leanna Mitchell

For Sale: Montessori Bell Set

This is a complete new set of Montessori Bells. It includes:

  • 13 bell sets
  • 2 mallets
  • 1 damper

Excellent condition – never been out of the box! Selling as we have an extra set. Pick up in Auckland.

Prince: $2,500 includes GST.

Contact person: Anna
Phone: 0274577918