MANZ Conference 2016

4 March 2017 • MANZ

It’s incredible to comprehend that MANZ Conference 2016 is finished.
By all accounts, it was amazing.

We had fantastic speakers in Wendy Calise, Sarah Werner Andrews and Peta Gibson as well as Cathy Wilson, Krista Kerr, Rene Novak, Rukshat Singh and Layla Barker. Record attendees helped create an amazing atmosphere. Thank-you to all who attended and participated in this conference.

manz conference 2016

Some feedback

All three Keynotes were fabulous! Peta -she reminded me “why” i work with that age group, -we have changed our language -it is now toilet learning also i sat in 3-6 with Sarah about exploration -broadening my understanding of Montessori social exploration

All of Sarah’s topics because exploration and happiness is core to the philosophy of our centre. I enjoyed her push to ‘relax’ Montessori to allow children to explore and experiment whilst still respecting their environment.

Wendy 6-12 speaker, she delivered a great key note speak that hit me both professionally and personally. I was lucky to have heard her last talk of the day on Sunday and it really tied up her message.





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