MANZ Conference 2013

1 March 2017 - MANZ

Reflecting on Community Me Whakaaro Hāpori

Rydges Hotel, 75 Featherston Street, Wellington
Saturday April 20, 12.30pm – Monday April 22, 4pm

Our 2013 conference reflected on the importance of community and explored how to nurture a sense of community with children and students of all ages and their families.

Thanks to the 230 delegates from around New Zealand, our four keynote speakers, and 14 teachers from New Zealand who liked or shared in workshops for creating a sense of connection and community over the three days in Wellington.

Some of the feedback from delegates:

Most valuable – Collecting new ideas to use in the classroom
Most fun – Singing .. meeting, and talking to others
Most informative – Having reinforced that ‘community’ is the heart of Montessori
Most valuable – Reconnecting with familiar faces, sharing the daily experiences of the class
Most fun – Connie Black was so engaging and wonderful role model to learn from
Most valuable – Learning more about communities working together and coming together
Most valuable – Recognising what I am doing well as a teacher and what I need to change, learning more about special needs from Wendy Fidler
Most informative – Sessions on observation and Jaime Rue’s workshops, the practicality of Carol Pott’s grace and courtesy workshop
Most informative – I really enjoyed the research presentations – especially Ed Stanford’s action research – inspiring about what can be done!

We hope you enjoy viewing some videos from the conference.

Keynote Addresses

Nicola Chisnall

Montessori – an critically engaged pedagogy

Connie Black

Sense of community – a hallmark of our approach

Jamie Rue

Why strong community matters for older children

Wendy Fidler

Are there really more children with special needs these days ?

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