How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character

22 April 2017 • Parenting • Resources

In mid-September best selling author Daniel Pink hosted another best selling author, Paul Tough, on his internet broadcast talk show, Office Hours. Paul Tough is the author of the recently released book, How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character. Wendy Calise, principal of Countryside Montessori in Illonois, USA and the driving force…

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What to do at home in the holidays when your child is missing Montessori

22 April 2017 • Parenting

If we look closely at Maria Montessori’s writings we notice how much she emphasised children’s need for routine and purposeful activity so you could organise your holiday with your child with these two principles in mind. Before the holidays start I would recommend discussing or creating a daily routine with your child. What needs doing…

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Tribute to Dr Nicola Chisnall (1955-2013)

21 April 2017 • Awards

Dr Nicola Chisnall died after a two-year battle with cancer. Her funeral was held in Auckland, New Zealand on September 24, 2013. Nicky and her family wanted her funeral service to highight the different parts of her life.  This tribute about her outstanding contribution to Montessori education was made by Ana Pickering, former executive officer…

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Seven Suggestions for Parenting from Collaboration to Freedom

20 April 2017 • Parenting

Seven suggestions from collaboration, to good leadership, from observation to opportunity. What Montessori values can you use in your parenting? Foster a spirit of collaboration with your child Building collaboration with children involves taking an interest in them as human beings – let your child know that you enjoy their company. Listen to your child…

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Why young children like to do the same activities each day

19 April 2017 • Parenting

It can be very beneficial for young children to choose the same activities every day. By repeating and repeating the activity, your child is mastering the skill or refining her understanding of the concepts involved. While the child is still learning and gaining from the activity, a Montessori teacher would not deter her from choosing…

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Children learn through their senses

17 April 2017 • Parenting

Maria Montessori was an Italian educator who began her involvement with young children more than one hundred years ago. Her observations and pedagogical method, however, continue to offer new insights into the understanding we have of young children’s learning. When Montessori first began observing children in the slums of San Lorenzo in Italy, schools of…

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An Aid to Life – supporting the natural development of children

16 April 2017 • Resources

This is a fantastic website for parents of young children. You can learn how to support your child’s developing communication, movement, independence and self-discipline. Everything from setting limits, sleeping, making choices, supporting independence and making conversation with your baby and toddler. Aid to Life has been created by five project partners including Association Montessori Internationale,…

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Montessori from a parents perspective [Podcast]

15 April 2017 • Resources

Montessori from a parents perspective is an interview with Dr Angeline Stoll Lillard, author of Montessori: The science behind the genius published in 2005. Dr Stoll Lillard explains the Montessori approach and describes what Montessori looks like in a Montessori early childhood and primary class. She mentions the importance of intrinsic motivation, the importance of…

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Montessori Ground Rules You Can Use at Home

15 April 2017 • Parenting

A Montessori teacher shares some ground rules established at Montessori, which help adults talk effectively with children. Go slowly, be gentle and use your words! Go Slowly We have a classroom “rule” which says Go Slowly. If you are going slowly, you have time to react to situations as they arise.  Contrary to general assumptions, children don’t…

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