Montessori from a parents perspective [Podcast]

15 April 2017 - Resources

Montessori from a parent’s perspective is an interview with Dr Angeline Stoll Lillard, author of Montessori: The science behind the genius, published in 2005.

Dr Stoll Lillard explains the Montessori approach and describes what Montessori looks like in a Montessori early childhood and primary class. She mentions the importance of intrinsic motivation, the importance of beauty in the classroom environment, how children thrive in orderly environments, the balance between choice and control, how Montessori materials were developed and why studying to pass a multiple choice test does not lead to an in-depth understanding of a subject.

She has some wise words about how lack of choice and extrinsic rewards lead to children losing interest in learning.

Montessori from a parent’s perspective [Podcast]

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