MANZ Conference 2021

3 August 2021 - MANZ

What another wonderful conference we have just had, held in the beautiful city of Taupō. After the cancellation of last year’s conference, it was wonderful just to be all together, catching up with one another and chatting with like-minded people. The happy buzz that surrounded the conference this year was a testament to how much that personal connection was needed. Coming back to our classroom after the conference, it has been great to be able to discuss our new learnings as a team, listen to the ‘takeaways’ that each staff member has, and implement changes based on these new insights.

The speakers that I listened to were amazing and inspirational, and under the overarching topic of Keys to Culture: Te tatau o te Ahurea, we had workshops covering areas such as tamariki with additional needs, biculturalism and science in Montessori, as well as the keynote speakers for each sector. I look forward to reading reflections from other council members about workshops that they attended in the upcoming issue, e-zine Informed, and the MANZ Facebook page.

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