Dr Nicola Chisnall Memorial Award 2019

23 July 2019 - Awards

This year we had six applications for the Dr Nicola Chisnall Memorial Award, which was fantastic. It was also the first year MANZ offered $500 to the winning recipient.

The applicants were:

  • BestStart Johnsonville, Wellington – Expanding Te Tiriti 0 Waitangi
  • Montessori House of Children Hamilton – Reaching out
  • Montessori Bethlehem, Tauranga – Oral Language
  • Wa Ora Montessori School – Rata Street Bush Walk
  • Montessori BestStart Playgroup Kilbirnie and Rongatai, Wellington – Developing our Playgroup
  • BestStart Montessori Mosgiel, Dunedin – Community Garden

After voting, Montessori House of Children, Hamilton was the outstanding winner. You can read their application below.


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