Discover Montessori 2014

10 March 2017 • Parenting

Discover Montessori offers an opportunity for poeple new to Montessori eduaction to learn more from experienced educators.
In 2014 the following workshops were offered at the MANZ Conference in New Plymouth.

Montessori for Bumps and Babies

Tia Wooller, Matakana

Tia endeavors to share as much as she can about what adults can do for the very young child. What matters to the child in utero? What would an ideal home environment look like? Why are mobiles so important? What other toys should we offer babies? What is the Montessori nido environment?  (approx 20 min)

Independence starts with an “I”

Carol Potts, Auckland

“I can do it”, “I like…”, “I don’t want to!”  What do these all have in common? During the first six years children joyfully traverse successive stages of independence. The environment either supports the child’s increasing quest to “do it myself”…or not? Carol helps you discover how you can support your young child … for yourselves! (Approx 30 min)

Grace and Courtesy as a critical skill for an unpredictable tomorrow

 Pam Shand, Blenheim

Montessori is a educational philosophy well-known for its academic excellence and for turning out proactive, positive children.  But perhaps those achievements turn out to NOT be the critical characteristics of Montessori learning.  Pam explores the notion that Montessori education, through Montessori’s focus on both common courtesy and common good, is uniquely educating our children with the consciousness necessary to face an unpredictable tomorrow. (Approx 30 min).

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