Montessori Teacher Training

How can you become a Montessori professional?

Becoming a Montessori kaiako is the beginning of a lifelong journey as an educator and advocate for tamariki (children)/rangatahi (adolescenses).

There are many Montessori teacher education organisations and courses offered around the globe. Currently, we only have Montessori 3-6 year and 3-5 year trainings in New Zealand, though Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF) does, at times, offer Orientation courses in 0-3 and 6-12 years.

To learn more about Montessori as a career go to Montessori career.

Montessori Teacher Education Organisations

Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF)

The Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF) is the official New Zealand teacher training centre of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), welcoming both New Zealand and international students.

MMEF offers:

  • Diploma courses with face-to-face modules (3-6 years) and
  • Orientation Courses for 0-3 years and 6-12 years.

p: 021 111 4133

Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand

Te Rito Maioha offers the New Zealand Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Aperfield Montessori). This is blended learning (3-5 years) which offers all students a strong support network including access to an online Montessori training lecturer and to learning support. The programme consists of four courses with a blend of online and field-based learning, an orientation day and a four-day block of face-to-face learning. 

p: 0800 244 532

Sydney Montessori Training Centre (SMTC)

AMI: Diploma courses with blended (online and face-to-face modules) (0-3, 6-12, 12-18)

+In-person training is in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth

p: +61 451 309 620



Montessori Sports

Learn how to integrate sports into your Montessori environment. The 40-hour AMI certified course (English spoken) for Montessori guides gives you the basic knowledge to integrate sports into your Montessori environment.

International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

A worldwide leader in providing Dementia Education and Dementia Certification to Health Care Professionals

a: Suite 102, 55 Main Street, Sparta, NJ 07871, USA
p: 1-973-729-6601

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