Waikato Montessori Education Centre

Our dedicated centre is situated on 10 acres of country-living land on the outskirts of Hamilton city.  This space provides room for many outdoor activities and animals.  The garden is tendered by the children and presents real opportunities for observing and interacting with the natural world.

Our school is a Montessori community of supportive families, dedicated teachers and staff, and joyful learners, where children achieve individual fulfilment and are inspired to a lifetime love of learning.

We aim for children to;

  • take responsibility and think for themselves
  • think outside of the box
  • consider their community, think of others, their world, and the environment

We have a holistic approach to nurturing children’s development, where a love of learning  occurs naturally. We encourage independence and self discipline.  Montessori consciously teaches children to be kind and considerate of each other – a community of respectful young learners is formed.

Our  Montessori curriculum covers Practical Life exercises, sensorial materials, and academic materials to awaken each child’s interest in literacy, mathematics, science, botany, biology, geography and history.

True wisdom is the ability to listen to your heart and know how best to put your intelligence to work for you.

In order to guide this development, self-esteem, human dignity, and emotional well being, as well as the ability to communicate and cooperate effectively with others, are valued at least as highly as academic achievement.

Parent evenings are held each term where regular enthusiastic participation is the norm.   Information on Montessori philosophy is presented and related to parenting at home in a Montessori way. Social times  are also offered during the year where families share time in the classroom with their children. Parental understanding of the Montessori approach is encouraged and supported.

For further information visit our website www.goldenbeads.org.nz

Enrolment Procedure

We welcome visitors by appointment – this allows us to manage classroom disruptions and ensures we can give visitors attention to answer questions that arise.  Visiting our centre is the most effective way to determine if we are a match for your family’s needs.

We have an Enrolment Policy which is downloadable from our website, along with an Enrolment Application Form. Applications are managed in date sequence. Final confirmation of a start date will be discussed as your child nears three years old. Places are limited and early pre-enrolment is encouraged – generally by two years old to be assured of a place being available.