Dr. Nicola Chisnall Memorial Award

Dr Chisnall was a pivotal figure in Montessori education in New Zealand and her work makes an extraordinary contribution to Montessori education worldwide. In her memory and to honour her work the Dr Nicola Chisnall Memorial Award was announced in April 2014.

There are many initiatives, large and small, within Montessori centres and schools that make significant contributions to children, families and communities. The Dr Nicola Chisnall Memorial Ward aims to make these actions visible thereby acknowledging the importance to Montessori education of the creation of a just community for children.

Each entry is required to provide evidence that outlines the story of what the individual or team set out to change and why, what actions were taken and the changes that were achieved for one child-one family/whānau-one centre/school or a community.

Tribute to Dr Nicola Chisnall (1955-2013) – Read more about her outstanding contribution to Montessori education by Ana Pickering, former executive officer of Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand.

The  award is pivotal to the MANZ strategic aim ‘To support the Montessori community to advocate on behalf of children (one child/one whanau-one centre/school-oone community-one town/city-one country).

If you know someone or a centre or school that should enter – encourage them to step forward in 2018.

Four Steps for Award Entry

1. Where you started from

What did you see as needing action or help?
Where did you get your idea for action from?
Who did you consult with before deciding on the action?

2. What you did

What you set out to do and what actions did you take?
How did you carry out these actions and what did you do differently?
What roles did people in your community play?

3. Progress you have seen

What did you learn and discover?
What evidence do you have of positive change or that your actions made   difference?
Were the changes as you had planned and expected, or did you have unexpected outcomes?

4. What you may do next

What did you learn that may provide strategies to build on your success?
What potential is there to gain additional support from other partners in your community?
Do the actions and outcomes have application to wider communities than your own?

Written entries should be no more than four A4 pages saved as a PDF and be able to be displayed as a poster at the conference.
You could also make your submission using PowerPoint or Prezi.
Alternatively you can make a short video entry to be viewed online and onscreen at the conference.
You could use photos, testimonials, narrative, evaluations, illustrations, tables and figures to tell your story.

If you want some guidance about your entry please email eo@montessori.org.nz

Entering the Dr Nicola Chisnall Memorial Award in 2018

We like to make the announcement about the Dr Nicola Chisnall Memorial Award at our annual conference. In 2018 our conference is July 7-9th so there is lots of time to look at what you are doing in your community that should be made visible to others.

The four steps for entering the award are below and the deadline for entries is June 15, 2018.

For more information contact eo@montessori.org.nz

Previous Award Winners

2017 Wee Wisdom Montessori Paeroa

2016 The Children’s Corner, Auckland

2015 Meraki Montessori in Silverdale, Auckland

2014 Wa Ora Montessori School, Lower Hutt