For MANZ to continue to support service/schools who have attended the Strengthening Biculturalism in Montessori Wananga  the next step is the ‘Health Check.’

This is an opportunity to have a specialised kaiako in this field come and assist with development in your service/kura of blending Montessori and biculturalism together.

Anaru, and possibly Maria Kapa, will visit your service/school observing practice and principles using a Te Ao Maori lens (TAM). It will be kakano (child) centred.

They will:

       observe principles and practice in the learning environment.

       use evidence based tools to identify TAM principles and practice of the kaiarahi through observation and video.

       provide some specific guidance on how to support development in areas of identified need.

       provide individualised centre specific TAM learning enhancement practices for te kakano (the child).

       provide verbal. This could be done via Skype.

       provide a detailed written report with suggested next steps for the centre/kura and kaiako.

Note: Videos maybe taken to assist with observations. These belong to the service/kura and will only be used for feedback of Te Ao Māori(TAM) Practice Health Check for Service/Kura and Kakano (the child) time.

Prior to the visit the service/kura will need to provide a map of the centre/school with areas of interaction identified, ie.  kitchen, toilets, learning areas, outdoor areas, other designated area names.

Time At Service/Kura: Up to 3 hours

Cost: $550 + costs.

Anaru and Maria Kapa
Anaru and Maria have worked with MANZ developing the Strengthening Biculturalism Wananga. Through this work they have: identified key cultural constructs and developed models of practice from research calibrating these with Montessori practice and developed workable models for assessing Te Ao Māori and child neurodevelopment.