PD 6-12 Years: The Work of Wool

…But handicrafts, which produce beautiful objects, and which
society is now attempting to revive, could well be entrusted to young
people. Let us hope that the art of fine craftsmanship is not lost
simply because machines exist. May young people be given the
possibility of continuing to lovingly produce beautiful things!
Maria Montessori, Education and Peace, Chapter 9

Carol Palmer will be facilitating this workshop and has designed it from the work she has been doing on developing a Handiwork Album. This workshop  aims to empower kaiako to integrate more Handwork into their curriculum.  The workshop is suitable for everyone – from complete beginners to those who already craft, but would like ideas on how to structure their Handwork programme and add a “Montessori lens.”

Participants will be introduced to several methods of working with wool in order to develop their knowledge, excitement and confidence in this area of Handwork. They will gain a basic understanding of the processes of wool, both traditional and commercial, and will be given story and lesson ideas.  Participants will also learn the basics of spinning, knitting, crochet and felting, beginning with making their tools and leading to projects that they will be able to repeat with their students.

As well as giving a practical understanding of wool crafts, this workshop aims to inspire a love of Handwork and to demystify it as a concept, so that participants feel able to introduce both the work of wool and other forms of Handwork into their environments.

Location: The workshop is being held at the beautiful Silverstream Retreat, Silverstream, Upper Hutt, Wellington, so is a live in workshop. The cost for this workshop includes:
Saturday: Morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner
Sunday: Breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch

We have arranged accommodation so you are able to stay on site. Your accommodation cost is additional to the workshop fee but you are able to book it through the registration site.

Date: 15/16 September
Time: 9-4 pm

Cost of workshop (accommodation additional)
MANZ member $320
Individual Member $470
Non Member Full Registration $580


Bio: Originally from the UK, Carol Palmer has lived in New Zealand since 2006.   She completed her AMI training with Carla Foster in 2015 and currently teaches 9-12s at Wa Ora Montessori School in Lower Hutt. She is an enthusiastic craftsperson, president of her local fibre-craft guild, wife, and mother of two wonderful children.  She is absolutely, (obsessively) passionate about the importance of Handwork in education.