Motives for Writing – Tara Israelson 2017

We are very fortunate to have Tara Israelson facilitating a very ‘hands on’ workshop for preschool kaiako.

Professional Learning for 3-6

Motives For Writing


June 10
Titoki Montessori School
Cost $160
Time 9-4 pm


August 26
Tawa Montessori Preschool
Cost $160
Time 9-4 pm


September 16
Trillium Montessori School
Cost $160
Time 9-4 pm

Join us as we explore the phenomenon of writing in the Montessori Children’s House. We will take a journey through theory and practice as we look at the ways we foster writing through Practical Life activities, Sensorial activities, and the many language lessons and games that we use every day. We will examine our own teaching practice and gain strategies for how to expand both the creative and mechanical aspects of writing in the 3-6 classroom.

We will look at

Some Montessori theory that touches on Sensitive Periods and Human Tendencies.
How Practical Life supports writing through physical development as well as concentration, including outdoor work.
How the Sensorial Area facilitates writing through developing vocabulary.
The Importance of the Sound Game and other Language Games.
Moving through the Language materials from Sandpaper Letters to Metal Insets to the Moveable Alphabet.
Moving on from Moveable Alphabet to paper.
Strategies for when children are not motivated or are stuck in a stage.


Tara Israelson started her Montessori career in America as an assistant in a classroom in Boston and was so excited by Montessori that she went on to gain her AMI diploma and Masters of Education in Portland, Oregon. The opportunity to live and work in a new country and learn about a new culture inspired her to join the Wā Ora community in 2008 as the Head Teacher in Nikau. Outside of the classroom she enjoys cooking, fishing, and exploring the New Zealand bush with her son.