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Montessori Children's House 3-6 Materials in NZ for Sale

Beautiful brand new Montessori materials,  made by Nienhuis and Gonzagareddi,  (AMI approved manufacturers) available for sale.
A complete set of  Montessori materials, everything required suitable for a class of ca thirty,  3-6 aged children.
New Classroom furniture includes:
12 Beech wood rectangular tables, L80 cm x  W60 cm x H59 cm with invisible Duropal surface coating, cushion foot legs.
24 Beech wood Chairs, stackable with bag holder D36cm x W32cm x H35cm
14 round wood Stools H30cm
Shelving Units beech:
34  shelving Units W72cm x H84cm x D36cm
45 Additional shelves for the above units
4 matching Corner units
2 Tall Units  W72cm x H1.94cm x D36cm
2x Doors for the above
1x Sideboard W72cm x H84cm x 36cm
2x Units W72cm x H1.48cm x D36cm
Storage Units:
Bisley Oxford blue metal lockable cupboard tall ( for teachers personal effects )
3x Bisley Oxford blue metal Drawer Units, 10 drawers in each unit A4 size ( for children’s personal storage )
EXTRA  new items included with the above:
Gonzagareddi  Montessori Furniture
Geography / Geometry Cabinet with 10 drawers
Rectangular table with shelf and casters
Box designed for paper storage
Shelving Unit for Metal Inset material W82cmx D16cm x H80cm
Individual drawer/tray
Botany Cabinet, complete set, transparent back
Display box for Leaf shape cards + contents
Mystery Box
Farm Game Unit  L55 x W31 x H 36
Farm Animals 21 pieces
Wash Stand and Scrubbing board Unit
Ironing Board
Shoe Polish  Chest
Cleaning Tools Stand
Cutting/Scissor Tray set
Gonzagareddi extra materials:
Oceania- Pacific Puzzle map with transparent back PCO
Oceania-Pacific Puzzle Map with transparent back PC20
Cardboard Maps for the above:
States Labelled
Capitals Labelled
Movable Alphabet  ( Print ) Pink nnd Blue letters set in box
Dressing Frame pins
Nienhuis Extras to the above 3-6 Montessori materials:
12 hole scissor storage block
Pencil Sharpener Heutink + container
6 x 6 hole Pencil Storage blocks
3x 3 pencil holders
6x Natural wood pencil holders
10 Pricking Felt mats
12 hole Punch out Pin/Awl Block
Metal Insets Paper 500pk
Phonetic Flash Cards
Range of Phonetic, Phonogram  and language prepared printed materials
Range of writing paper
Box with Writing exercises
Writing Books
Individual reading material
Reading scheme for English
Movable Alphabet both cursive and print models
Glue/Paste Box
Cutting/Scissors Tray plus printed cutting strips
Braiding Board
3x Child-sized indoor Brooms
2x Garden Brooms
Rug Beater
The Bells
Music Cabinet and contents
The Bells support materials
Bells Keyboards
Bells Staff Board and set
Bells music sign and notes, mallets , dampers, strip boards
Tone Bar Set and 4 mallets
Tone Br Keyboard and extra mallets hard and soft
Music Set 28 pieces Large Box
Music Set World instruments in file
Djembe small
Books: 1x each ” The Cosmic Wonder “, ” Thoughtful Living “, Series and “Montessori Mozarts”
Planets of the Solar System
Stars Exercise
Flag Paper
Parts of a flag
The Continents Box
Animals of the World
Animal Puzzle Activity Set
Animal Puzzle Copy Masters
Animal Copy Masters Box
Nienhuis Art extras:
Book : ” How to Use Child -sized Master Pieces “
Set of Child-sized Master Pieces Books 1-5
Child-sized Master Pieces Black images
Child -sized Master Pieces Transportation
Child-sized Master Pieces Modern Schools
Nienhuis Furniture and Materials extra:
Cabinet for paper maps
Farm Table
The Farm: Working Base, Farmhouse animals and figures
Wall shelving unit Metal Insets
Cabinet of the World Parts
World circle for tracing
Cabinet for paper maps
Puzzle Maps Cabinet
All the flags of the World and stands
Pin Flag Stand and all connected material
Set of 7x Gratnell trays 7cm for Continents materials
Set of 7x Gratnell trays 15cm for Continents materials
Stand for Cylinder Blocks
Music Cabinet
Bell/ Tone Bar Cabinet
Wooden Sorting Tray 5 spaces
30 wooden trays
4 Large wooden trays
Bead Material Cabinet casters
Wooden Pivot balance
Fraction Problem series
Clock for Instruction
Clock with Movable Hands
Clock Stamp and all extra material
Arithmetic Signs Box
2x 10 Water based pencils black and red ( Dot Board )
Extra Hundred Board with Roman Numerals
Material Storage Box
Box for Geometric Solids
Cabinet for the 5 Animal Puzzles
Nienhuis Toys For Life extras:
Arbio Supplementary Set
Papilo Colouring Book
The materials listed above are selling as one lot.
Price available on request.

Contact person: Sue Schwander
Phone: (09) 407 9628

Montessori Children's House 3-6 Additional Materials in NZ for Sale

Resource Materials (available for sale separately)
Additional to the listing above, there is a vast collection of required classroom resources, new and used available.
For example, a painting easel, paints, paper and brushes.
A  huge range of art materials, paper, scissors etc. Weaving boards and wool, needles etc. A wooden spinning wheel.
A new child-sized, white enamel  oven, with two top hot plate elements. A collection of child sized cooking utensils and materials.
A child-sized outdoor picnic table set.
30x white china flat bottom plates and 3 piece cutlery sets.
Aprons, small buckets, little vases, various trays, baskets, small chopping boards etc.
Sets of equipment for Practical Life, pouring, polishing, hand washing, nuts, bolts and screw boards etc.
A vast collection of small objects required for language activities and the Reading boxes.
Topic collections, for example South American Rain forest, Bees and Butterflies, Australia,
Material required for Rhythmic/ Music and movement activities.
Children’s book library.
A large sand or water play trough and cover.
Assorted wooden puzzle collection.
Floor mats

Contact person: Sue Schwander
Phone: (09) 407 9628

Wanted to Buy

Fractions Cabinet – not the materials.

Contact person: Leanna Mitchell