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 2014 Montessori Near You –Children Who Push Our Buttons

Montessori House of Children, Hamilton, Saturday September 20
Little Star Montessori, Auckland, Saturday September 27th

Montessori @ Mosgiel, Mosgiel, Saturday October 18th

Workshops will run from 9-4pm

There are always children who ‘‘push our buttons’’. There is always someone who seems to need special attention - who challenges our capacity to respond effectively and patiently. But we can improve how we respond and try to find ways that are positive and calming, to avoid what is confrontative or negative - for ourselves, for the sake of the children in our care, and in communication and partnership with parents who may also need our support and insights.

There is always an upside to those children who push our particular buttons - our job as Montessori teachers is to find it. 
Pam Shand will help you to focus on working in a Montessori way with the children who push your buttons…

Full registration $300
MANZ member schools and student members special rate $150
MANZ individual members special rate S200

Please register and pay by the following dates:
Hamilton - by September 13, 2014
Auckland - by September 20, 2014

Dunedin - by October 10, 2014

NB: The Tauranga workshop has been cancelled due to lack of registrations.

MANZ Under Three Workshop with Julia Hilson

Date:Saturday February 28- Sunday March 1, 2015
Times: Saturday 9.30am - Sunday 3.30pm
Venue: Wee Wisdom Montessori Teina, 30 McInnes Rd, Weymouth, Auckland

This two day workshop is an opportunity for teachers and parents to gain an appreciation of the Montessori approach for babies, infants and toddlers under three years of age. The principles will draw on Montessori philosophy and pedagogy together with current understandings about the development and psychology of the young child.

You will learn about relevant differences between the children under three and the Montessori approach for 3-6 year olds. An overview of Montessori theory and practice, following the child’s natural development and focusing on the period from conception to age three will include the physical, psychological and developmental needs of the child. You will gain an understanding of the child’s absorbent mind and the sensitive periods important at this time of life.

Julia will outline the critical importance of observation with the 0-3 child and give practical ideas about how the environment needs to be prepared and what you should try to achieve in the 0-3 environment. She will help you understand how to work with young children from birth to three and outline why, when and how parents can be involved. Julia will focus on the environment being ‘fit-for-purpose’ and provide ideas and examples of how you can provide for the particular needs and cultures of the children attending in your setting.

Julia Hilson
Julia holds AMI diplomas for 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12. Following several visits to remote indigenous communities she was asked by Montessori Children’s Foundation to move with her family to Thursday Island and establish the Montessori stream at Tagai State College in Torres Strait in 2009. 

This initiative has now grown to include two 3-6 Montessori Classes within the Tagai Primary School and nine parent/toddler groups on separate islands throughout the Torres Strait. 

Julia is in the final stages of completing the Training of Trainers Programme to become an AMI 0-3 trainer.   Her special interest lies in empowering and supporting adults from indigenous communities to assume the roles of guides and teachers within their communities – with special emphasis on parenting and early childhood programmes.  

Full registration $520 
MANZ member schools special rate $260 (includes student members and Montessori playgroups)
MANZ individual members $390 

Payments due Monday February 16, 2015.

There is accommodation available near the airport with transfer to and from the airport.
Choices include:
Holiday Inn
Ibis Hotel

Where possible we will try to assist with transport from accommodation to the workshop venue or groups may share transport.

MANZ Workshops with Alison Awes

Workshop: Supporting the Dyslexic Child in Montessori
Auckland Sat May 30
Wellington Wednesday-Thursday June 3-4 (evenings)

Dyslexic children need sequential, multi-sensory and explicit experience with the sounds and symbols of our language to read fluently. The richly prepared Montessori environment provides a plethora of language experiences for the preschool and primary-aged child. This workshop will cover characteristics of dyslexia, recommendations of the US National Reading Panel, and how to support the dyslexic child in a Children’s House and then through Cosmic Education. This workshop is suitable for early childhood and primary teachers and interested parents.

Workshop: Principles of the Prepared Environment: How the Prepared Environment Supports Cosmic Education
Wellington June 6-7
This workshop will explore the details of the psychological and physical prepared environment for the elementary (6-12) child.  In addition to the theoretical aspects of Cosmic Education and the characteristics of the child, Alison will also address how to encourage and inspire meaningful work including how to generate interest, inspire follow up work, and increase the variety of work in the 6-12 classroom without using imposed assignments or teacher directed activities.

She will provide practical advice on the organization and maintenance of your classroom as well as working with parents, administrators, and staff.  Refresh and energize your spirit with ideas for improving your work while remaining calm and focused on the essential priorities of a successful Montessori classroom.  This workshop is suitable for primary teachers in Montessori 6-12 classes. 

Alison Awes

Alison Awes is the Director of Elementary Training at the Montessori Center of Minnesota, Assoziation Montessori Schweiz, and the Co-Director of Elementary Training at the Maria Montessori Institute, London. She holds AMI diplomas for 3-6 and 6-12 and has taught in both six-to-nine and nine-to-twelve classrooms.

Alison holds a B.A. in Art History from Smith College, a M.A. in Latin American Studies from Tulane University, and a M.Ed. in Montessori Education from Loyola University in Maryland. She is an AMI examiner and consultant and has served on the boards of private and charter Montessori schools, as well as other organizations including the AMI Elementary Alumni Association.  An international lecturer, she has given numerous workshops on a wide variety of topics.  Ms. Awes attended Montessori school until the age of twelve.

Registrations will open soon.

MANZ Workshops with Carla Foster
Supporting Children with Literacy in Montessori 3-12
From Constructive Triangles to Pythagoras
Montessori May 15-16 and May 21-22, 2016

Another set of weekend workshops are being organised with Carla Foster, director of training from the Montessori Centre of New England for 2016. Carla will led two workshops that are for teachers from three to 12 including the Montessori approach to literacy and a workshop that focuses on geometry in the Montessori environment – From Constructive Triangles to Pythagoras. The workshop details and venues still to be confirmed.

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