Learning ‘Wrong’ Creates Opportunities

3 April 2017 • Parenting

The development of a young child is facilitated by the absorbent mind and unique periods of sensitivity to the environment that nurture skills, knowledge and understanding of the material, social, natural and social worlds in which the child participates. It is a distinctive flow of relationships and experiences of which the young child becomes increasingly…

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Supporting infants, children and teenagers at home

1 April 2017 • Parenting

Dr Maria Montessori boldly stated ‘The child is both a hope and promise for mankind. If we therefore mind this embryo as our most precious treasure, we will be working for the greatness of humanity’. How can you mind your children as your ‘most precious treasure’ and enable them to become resilient, caring, able, empathetic…

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Discover Montessori 2014

10 March 2017 • Parenting

Discover Montessori offers an opportunity for poeple new to Montessori eduaction to learn more from experienced educators. In 2014 the following workshops were offered at the MANZ Conference in New Plymouth. Montessori for Bumps and Babies Tia Wooller, Matakana Tia endeavors to share as much as she can about what adults can do for the…

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Discover Montessori 2013

5 March 2017 • Parenting

The second Discover Montessori was held in Wellington, New Zealand in April, 2013. We hope you enjoy the videos from this event. Montessori – remarkable and life-long (approx 30min) Pam Shand Montessori education has a reputation for providing young children with a calm, peaceful environment in which to learn, with respectful teachers willing to coach…

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MANZ Conference 2016

4 March 2017 • MANZ

It’s incredible to comprehend that MANZ Conference 2016 is finished. By all accounts, it was amazing. We had fantastic speakers in Wendy Calise, Sarah Werner Andrews and Peta Gibson as well as Cathy Wilson, Krista Kerr, Rene Novak, Rukshat Singh and Layla Barker. Record attendees helped create an amazing atmosphere. Thank-you to all who attended and…

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Dr Nicola Chisnall Memorial Award 2015

4 March 2017 • Awards

The winner of the 2015 award was Meraki Montessori in Silverdale, Auckland. A school that community built. Meraki Montessori paid tribute to the community that enabled the establishment of New Zealand’s newest Montessori primary school. “We would like to nominate for this award ALL of the amazing community that gave up their time and Christmas break to…

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MANZ Conference 2015

3 March 2017 • MANZ

A pathway to creative expression. He ara hei whakaputa i te wairua auaha The conference is over … many thanks to Polli Soholt and Marcia Perez who made the long trip from the United States to join our community in New Zealand. Thanks also to the New Zealand speakers who shared their work on the…

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Montessori Students Speak – MANZ 2013 Conference

3 March 2017 • Parenting

What do Montessori students say when they reflect on their experience in Montessori learning communities ? MANZ 2013 Conference, April 2013 Wellington, New Zealand Address by two Montessori high school students at conference opening Two Montessori high school students from Wa Ora Montessori School in New Zealand address the delegates at the opening of  the…

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MANZ Conference 2014

2 March 2017 • MANZ

The Reflective Montessori Practitioner Te Pouaaki Huritao o Montessori The conference is over for another year. Thanks to our international speakers Uma Ramani and Jamie Rue, to Nicki Dowling and Karen MacKay from Massey University and to all the New Zealand teachers who presented at the Montessori Journey to Excellence BusStop. Feedback has been amazing…

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