MANZ Census 2014

8 April 2017 • Montessori

MANZ is developing a new strategic plan for 2015-19 and one focus of this work is around leading the development of a viable, sustainable Montessori qualified workforce for Montessori early childhood centres and schools in New Zealand. To begin this new focus MANZ gathered baseline data from Montessori current employers and the existing workforce. The…

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Discipline for the Elementary (6-12 year) child

5 April 2017 • Resources

This is from a blog called Montessori Seeds written by Mathew Simberg. Here he reflects on views about child-discipline over the last few decades and what discipline may look like in a Montessori 6- 12 community. What ‘freedom’ means and how it is balanced by ‘responsibility’ in a Montessori community. Discipline for the Elementary (6-12…

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Will Montessori suit my loud, exuberant child?

5 April 2017 • Parenting

In one of her last books, The Absorbent Mind, Dr Montessori makes this comment; “Passive children are thought to be good. Noisy and exuberant children with vivid imaginations are thought to be spiritually brilliant.” (p. 201) Dr Montessori believed that the goal of children is to ‘aim energetically and directly towards independence’. The Montessori method…

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Preparing the Home for a New Baby – a Montessori perspective

3 April 2017 • Resources

Jeanne-Marie Paynel of Voila Montessori in the USA talks about how expectant parents can prepare their home for arrival of a new baby. She explains how the environment can be prepared to welcome the new baby with points of reference for the infant in the home. Jeanne-Marie includes the preparation of the adult and gives…

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Learning ‘Wrong’ Creates Opportunities

3 April 2017 • Parenting

The development of a young child is facilitated by the absorbent mind and unique periods of sensitivity to the environment that nurture skills, knowledge and understanding of the material, social, natural and social worlds in which the child participates. It is a distinctive flow of relationships and experiences of which the young child becomes increasingly…

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Supporting infants, children and teenagers at home

1 April 2017 • Parenting

Dr Maria Montessori boldly stated ‘The child is both a hope and promise for mankind. If we therefore mind this embryo as our most precious treasure, we will be working for the greatness of humanity’. How can you mind your children as your ‘most precious treasure’ and enable them to become resilient, caring, able, empathetic…

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Discover Montessori 2014

10 March 2017 • Parenting

Discover Montessori offers an opportunity for poeple new to Montessori eduaction to learn more from experienced educators. In 2014 the following workshops were offered at the MANZ Conference in New Plymouth. Montessori for Bumps and Babies Tia Wooller, Matakana Tia endeavors to share as much as she can about what adults can do for the…

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