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Why young children like to do the same activities each day...

It can be very beneficial for young children to choose the same activities every day.  By repeating and repeating the activity, your child is mastering the skill or refining her understanding of the concepts involved.   While the child is still learning and gaining from the activity, a Montessori teacher would not deter her from choosing and doing it as often as she wants.  Like Rafael Nadal perfecting his tennis stroke, lots of practice is vital!...

Author: the teaching team at Mana Montessori, Whitby, Wellington, New Zealand

Children learn through their senses...

Maria Montessori was an Italian educator who began her involvement with young children more than one hundred years ago. Her observations and pedagogical method, however, continue to offer new insights into the understanding we have of young children’s learning. When Montessori first began observing children in the slums of San Lorenzo in Italy, schools of the day kept children in classrooms ‘pinned like butterflies to their desks’ and taught them largely...

Author: Nicola Chisnall, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

Why do Montessori communities encourage older children to help younger children?

When an older child is encouraged to help a younger child in a Montessori classroom, their own learning is surprisingly enhanced, rather than limited. The older child is more sensitive to the degree of help the younger child needs, intuitively respecting the essential need of childhood which is not to be helped unnecessarily.

In ‘teaching’ a younger child he is helped to understand what he knows even better than before; he must analyse and...

Author: Carol-Ann McKinley, Titoki Montessori School, Auckland, New Zealand

Why children in Montessori pour water and wash tables...

The activities are from the Practical Life curriculum in the Montessori classroom. In a class for three to six year olds, this area is set up with many different activities and experiences that have underlying benefits and often subtle messages for our children.  Practical life exercises such as table or window washing or pouring exercises are often some of the first materials that will be introduced to your child at Montessori as they are the foundation and basis of...

Author: Fiona Penn, Wanganui Montessori Preschool, Wanganui, New Zealand

Supporting your young child’s pathway to literacy at home

One of the most common questions that I hear from parents is “What can I do at home to help my child read?” 
The urge to help your child is understandable since literacy is a fundamental skill in life; when your child has mastered it you can breathe a little easier as a parent.  You may also breathe easier knowing that all children experience a sensitive period for learning language in the first six years of life; children’s...

Author: Ed Stanford, Titoki Montessori School, Auckland, New Zealand

Will Montessori suit my loud, exuberant child ?

In one of her last books, The Absorbent Mind, Dr Montessori makes this comment; “Passive children are thought to be good. Noisy and exuberant children with vivid imaginations are thought to be spiritually brilliant.” (p. 201)

Dr Montessori believed that the goal of children is to ‘aim energetically and directly towards independence’. The Montessori method of education is suitable for all children. It is highly individualised with...

Author: Ruth Libby, Koru Montessori, Auckland, New Zealand

Learning 'Wrong' Creates Opportunities

The development of a young child is facilitated by the absorbent mind and unique periods of sensitivity to the environment that nurture skills, knowledge and understanding of the material, social, natural and social worlds in which the child participates. It is a distinctive flow of relationships and experiences of which the young child becomes increasingly conscious over time. This conscious appreciation of things that work and things that don’t work allow the...

Author: Janet du Fall, HiJinks Montessori, Rotorua, New Zealand

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